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Epica - The Road To Paradiso


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Transmission Entertainment

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This Photo Sound Book tells the success story of Epica in word, image and sound, from the first demos under the name Sahara Dust to fame in Middle and South America. It includes a CD with unique audio material, and is crammed with candid stories and pictures that literally provide a glimpse behind the scenes. Read and listen how Epica has managed to conquer the world from Reuver in Limburg. The Road To Paradiso contains exclusive interviews with all band members, crew members, bookers and all others directly involved.

In addition to material from the Epica archives, The Road To Paradiso contains an incredible amount of contributions by fans, who responded massively to an appeal to send in their funniest stories and pictures. As a result, this special Photo Sound Book is a beautiful collector's item by and for the fans. It is a glimpse into the past as a spring board into the future.

Includes Audio-CD with 2 New Tracks, Live Material and Exclusive Interviews

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